On April 25, 2023 former members of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Policing released a renewed call to action to ensure ongoing and evidence-based approaches to policing reform.

The report offers eight recommendations:

1. Establish a holistic role and mission of policing to help define community safety.

2. Align policing leadership, organizational structure, incentives, and strategies to the redefined mission.

3. Rebuild the culture of policing organizations.

4. Establish national policing standards; train to those standards; and provide supervision to ensure their application.

5. Address gaps in accountability systems that protect due process of officers while ensuring transparency and accountability for misconduct.

6. Invest locally and organize communities to address unjust systems that contribute to poverty and racism.

7. Address underlying drivers of crime.

8. The Federal Government should collaborate and support community-based organizations and local and state government in helping to create safe communities as outlined in this call to action.

The full report is available here