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Mission Statement

The Consortium is a collaboration between member law schools and the ABA to advance the practice of policing, promote racial equity in the criminal legal system, and eliminate policing tactics that are racially motivated or have a disparate impact based on race. Our work recognizes that national progress is most likely advanced through state and local reforms, and we focus on coordinating and amplifying these efforts

The Consortium partners with key stakeholders – including community organizations, governmental entities, and police departments – to advance policies, practices, and training materials in support of realizing a policing service that protects the safety and security of all peoples (including police officers), is free of bias and in service to the community.

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Research Fellow Overview

Fellows of the Consortium are nominated by participating law schools. They conduct research and collect data from local law enforcement, civil rights organizations, and legal aid groups in order to inform the Consortium’s efforts. The Fellows help to effect national change by developing a better understanding of local efforts that can advance projects across the Consortium’s network.

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