The ABA Legal Education Police Practices Consortium is compiling a Law of the Police scholarly database to be published on our website. We hope this can serve as a resource for researchers and law enforcement alike, as they study and address issues related to policing and public safety.

Have you published a book or article on policing since 2010? If so, we want to hear from you! Please complete this form with the requested information to ensure your publication is included. Note that separate submissions are required for each publication to be included. The resultant database will include a link to your article where it is currently housed, and not the full text. Articles may have been published in a scholarly journal, white paper, or commissioned report. If you anticipate an article’s publication in 2023, please include it.

While this database will be routinely updated, we hope to have the first version published in Spring 2023. To support us in doing so, please provide the above requested information by January 13, 2023.

Questions or concerns about the database or the Consortium? Please contact the Consortium Director at